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Thread: Indigo Snake!

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    Indigo Snake!

    Last Saturday, I finally got up to central Florida to search for the elusive Eastern Indigo Snake. I've lived in Florida for over a year and a half now, and all of my efforts had come up short. But it was again Indigo season, and I was going out with others who had found them before, so my hopes were high. We went to a spot first to try to flip Coachwhips and other snakes under boards, but came up empty. And just as we were about to leave that spot, one of our group members found part of a shed skin on the road......and Indigo shed! That was actually the first sign of an Indigo I had ever seen, so things were feeling good. And we hadn't even gotten to the other spot where they had found the Indigos the year before. We booked it over to the other spot, and got ready for a hike. We got our cameras and backpacks out, getting ready to hike back up into the sandhills in search of our primary target. We took off across a field, and not 100 yards into it, the guy out in front freezes. "Oh my......." he says as my walk turns into a jog. I caught up to him first and the breath left my lungs as my eyes caught what he had first seen.......6.5 feet of thick black snake stretched out in front of a tortoise burrow........Indigo!!!

    Eastern Indigo Snake by Daniel Wakefield, on Flickr

    Eastern Indigo Snake by Daniel Wakefield, on Flickr

    Eastern Indigo Snake by Daniel Wakefield, on Flickr

    Two days later, I took off with another close friend (who had never seen an Indigo yet) to the same spot to see if we could find his lifer. We got there a bit early and hiked around, not having much success. But at 9:30am, as we were talking and hiking, I spied a big black snake taking off under some thick brush. It was an Indigo, but it managed to get away into a hidden burrow before we could get a good look at it. We then hiked back to the burrow I had seen one at two days earlier, and as I approached it slowly, I noticed the same snake sitting atop it yet again! It was obviously the same snake because of a large scar on its back.

    Eastern Indigo Snake by Daniel Wakefield, on Flickr

    We ended the day seeing three Indigos in two different counties, one of which was in a really cool coastal location. What a way to start the year!

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    Re: Indigo Snake!

    That's an impressive find. I'd love to run across one of these. Congrats.
    Jason Brumley

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